At SPED-PACK, we believe that perfect transportability is based on careful planning. We see enquiries not only as a task, but also as a way of understanding the weight of our customers’ requests and genuinely want to help them. We know exactly what our responsibility is, so we need the best possible solutions and a cohesive, well-prepared team.

Forklift driver Esztergom

SPED-PACK Kft. is looking for a forklift driver for its Esztergom site, starting immediately, with a high salary.

operator Esztergom

We are looking for an operator for light manual work at our site in Esztergom industrial park.

Machine setter Esztergom

We are looking for a machine setter for our site in Esztergom industrial park.


To help us succeed together, we give our colleagues all the help they need to focus on their work. Mentors take new colleagues under their wing and help them through their first days by sharing their knowledge and experience.



We love innovation and constructive initiatives. Our idea box is based on Kaizen principles, so that anyone can share their ideas and suggestions with others at any time. What else could we have made this out of if not corrugated cardboard? We’ve even included a unique slot to ensure that all ideas get safely to their recipients.


In addition to our European clients, we work mainly with Japanese clients. Over the past decades, we’ve learned a lot about the Japanese way of thinking and work ethic. Our company culture has evolved into one that naturally combines European ingenuity with Japanese perfectionism. We pay attention to the smallest detail and optimise processes to the extreme. But we also take a pragmatic approach to unexpected challenges and are brave enough to come up with new, innovative solutions.

Hungarian creativity
Japanese perfectionism


  • We work as a team, respect each other and believe in the power of diversity.
  • Integrity: we do what is right.
  • Reliability means to us that we keep our word. We say what we do and we do what we say.
  • Sustainability for us means taking responsibility for ourselves and our environment, today and tomorrow.