Corrugated paper sheet

Corrugated board is the most widely used packaging material. It is no coincidence, as it can be used in a wide range of applications. As it is easily formable, it is ideal for protective packaging. As a result, almost all our corrugated packaging is custom-made according to customer requirements. Typically, it will be used as a box of some kind for the storage or transport of goods. We have packaged fragile light bulbs, but we have also packaged complete bicycles.

Our corrugated cardboard packaging is a variety of collection boxes, typically used in warehouses and logistics centres rather than as shelf storage. Mostly they function as protective packaging or are used to make various space-filling elements. We make 90% of these packaging for the automotive industry, but we also produce boxes for electronics companies and bicycle brands.

When is corrugated packaging ideal?

  • If you want lightweight and easy to transport packaging
  • If you want the cheapest packaging material
  • If you are looking for single-use packaging
  • If you need collectible packaging
  • If the goods will be moving in a humidity and moisture free environment
  • If environmental considerations are important

Basically, the thickness of the layers of the base material and the number of corrugations also determine the load-bearing capacity and the protective properties of the packaging. Corrugated packaging can be made in any size, limited only by the size of the packaging, and only by the size of the transport. It can be produced in a wide range of sizes and styles, making it a good solution for heavier products up to 200 kg.

An important consideration in the design of corrugated packaging is that the box and the interior must be designed in such a way that the product to be packed completely fills the packaging. This is how corrugated board can provide sufficient protection, ensuring good transportability, stackability and maximum protection for the products.



what we are proud of

  • 210 million 210 million

    boxes of packaging made to countries around the world

  • 18 million 18 million

    We have packaged auto-parts enough for 18 million vehicles

  • 16 tonnes 16 tonnes

    of packaging material handled daily

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