Packaging design

No two products are the same, so no two packages are the same. When designing packaging, we always strive to create the most optimal protective cover, tailored to the specific characteristics of the product. It’s no problem if you don’t have a finished packaging design. We can even create the right packaging based on a sample product.

What is good packaging?

Packaging is really good if it fits the product as well as possible, protects it and is economical. That’s why we always focus on space saving and ease of transport, so that the finished packaging is cost-effective.

We pay particular attention to design

When it comes to packaging design, we usually receive two types of enquiries. Sometimes our customers come with precise plans, i.e. a finished drawing and 2D or 3D models. These can be a very good starting point or they can be very specific expectations that we have to meet.

More often, however, we only have to start with a product and develop the most suitable packaging on that basis. To be honest, we prefer it when we have the opportunity to get a hands-on experience of the product for which we are designing packaging. We have also come across cases where the customer has not told us what product we need to design the packaging for. It was quite a difficult task to design packaging without specifics, but in the end we managed to complete what at first seemed an impossible task.

It is a common request from our customers to have their packaging in a flat-form so that they can have it delivered to their doorstep more cost-effectively. In such cases, we design the packaging so that it can be easily assembled without the need for any special tools, glue or staplers. In this case, we make self-closing boxes without glue or staples.

Approach from the use side

We use the most high tech packaging software to find the most ideal packaging for our customers. We have to take into account many aspects beyond quality. For example, economy, ease of transport, product weight or the stackability of the boxes.

Free sample within 24 hours

At SPED-PACK, we believe that perfect deliverability is based on careful planning. That’s why we like to make sure and test our solutions when we create our packaging. For specific designs, we can prototype within 24 hours. We use a laser plotter to produce a sample with millimetre precision, which we test together with our customers.

From the smallest to the largest

We can design boxes up to 2-3 metres in size, for example for a car windscreen or a complete bicycle. In this case, we use special internal inserts and stiffeners to ensure that the product is not damaged during transport and loading.

The smallest packaging we’ve made so far was a 7 mm x 3.5 mm paper boundary element, intended to be placed between the carbon brushes when transporting an electric motor – preventing them from moving. Although paper packaging is the most common, we are not afraid of packaging made of plastic, metal or even wood.

what we are proud of

  • 210 million 210 million

    boxes of packaging made to countries around the world

  • 18 million 18 million

    We have packaged auto-parts enough for 18 million vehicles

  • 16 tonnes 16 tonnes

    of packaging material handled daily

Are you interested

in our services?

Our special

  • Customized wooden, metal, plastic transport packaging

    We always choose the best solution for the job. The perfect packaging will not only make your delivery faster and safer but also more cost-effective. We like to play safe, so we usually provide a free sample as well.

  • Machine packaging suitable for sea transport

    We often take our packaging out to the sea. The goods to be transported in this case require very special preparation and protection. They have to withstand extreme weather, usually long journeys, and even multiple transhipments.

  • Corrugated cardboard protective packaging

    Where appearance is not important, but only product protection, transportability and financial efficiency are the goals, corrugated cardboard is our secret weapon. We have had to protect a wide range of products, from beer cans to complete car parts.

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