Energy industry

Giants of the energy industry are treated with the utmost care when it comes to packaging. Only excelent workmanship comes out of our hands, damage to the goods is out of the question.

We often work with power plant components, cooling towers. In 2019, for example, we had to pack 120 truckloads of steel supports and power plant components in 4 weeks. This was a huge logistical challenge for us, but with thorough preparation and careful planning, we helped the plant to continue operating.

The responsibility is in our hands

We move huge volumes of parts, which usually have a high value. We know that our job is a huge responsibility, because we have to pack cooling towers and essential industrial components so that they can be transported over long distances and arrive safely at their new destination.

Customized packaging for special needs

In this area, it is not uncommon that we have to design a durable packaging that not only has to withstand transportation perfectly, but also, if necessary, a longer period of time until the component is used again.

We have created packaging for switch cabinets, knowing that it could take up to half a year from delivery to actual use. What made the job special was that the cabinets to be installed were stored outdoors in a fairly cold climate. In such conditions, we had to use extra protection and special solutions in the packaging design. It is important that the packaging is airtight, that the protective layers adapt to temperature variations, but also that it is resistant to humidity and precipitation.

First we carry out a precise survey

Energy industry orders typically require on-site packaging. Precisely because they are unique, large-scale items that need to be measured live on the site.

We will find the most optimal solution

Following the assessment, we will develop the most optimal solution for the task at hand. Taking into account safety, optimum use of space and transportability. Particularly in the case of packaging of oversized loads to be transported by road, where traffic regulations and rules must be taken into account during the design phase.

We perform the packaging on the site

We return to the site with the pre-defined packaging material and start the work. If it is required, we can provide all the machinery needed to move the product, be it forklift trucks, loading equipment, cranes or even trucks. If it is required, we can also set up our own workstation at the packaging site.

Our special

  • Customized wooden, metal, plastic transport packaging

    We always choose the best solution for the job. The perfect packaging will not only make your delivery faster and safer but also more cost-effective. We like to play safe, so we usually provide a free sample as well.

  • Machine packaging suitable for sea transport

    We often take our packaging out to the sea. The goods to be transported in this case require very special preparation and protection. They have to withstand extreme weather, usually long journeys, and even multiple transhipments.

  • Corrugated cardboard protective packaging

    Where appearance is not important, but only product protection, transportability and financial efficiency are the goals, corrugated cardboard is our secret weapon. We have had to protect a wide range of products, from beer cans to complete car parts.


Steps of working together

  • Quotation and agreement

    Careful planning is the basis for a perfect end result. That is why we carry out a thorough consultation before starting our work. And our streamlined organisation allows us to provide you with a quick quotation.

  • free desing and sample

    All packaging is precisely designed free of charge. We also produce samples so you can test our packaging without taking any risk.

  • preparation and packaging

    We guarantee that products delivered in our packaging will arrive at your new location in perfect condition.

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Opinions about us

Client feedback
  • The SPED-PACK team has been ensuring the safe delivery of our road, sea and air project shipments for years with their high quality packaging services. Their customer-oriented and efficient consultancy service, their flexible and professional execution and their competitive pricing policy have made them the leading logistics service provider in our company.

    Róbert Zsobrák, Head of Logistics - Enexio 
  • For years, SPED-PACK has been helping us with our work on manufacturing equipment transfer projects to distant countries. We always order customized packaging based on individual assessments, often with varying deadlines, and with the need to combine or split up groups of machines. Fortunately, the company is very flexible, their staff are real professionals, working quickly and professionally. The equipment packed by SPED-PACK always arrives safely at its destination, I like working with them.

    Gábor Hamvas, Engineering Leader Flow5, SRS - Aptiv
  • SPED-PACK Kft has been a reliable supplier of the Neuzer Bicycle Factory for more than 20 years. Joint development is present not only in work but also in personal relationships. In addition to doing business, it is important for us that our partners are involved in building the community. SPED-PACK Kft is a regular selfless supporter of the city events, which provides the opportunity to many people to have a good time.

    András Neuzer, managing director- Neuzer Kerékpár
  • The first thing that comes to mind is that in today's world, the existence of a relationship of trust, both business and personal, is a valuable asset, and building them is an energy and time consuming task. In the many years of working with you, I have seen first hand that the two are closely linked. You are open, honest and partner-oriented, a fact that is worth - to me - at least as much as the quantifiable financial results of a joint transaction.

    Szabolcs Bartha, Chief Executive Officer - Orange Pack TRADE Kft.
  • Our relationship with SPED-PACK Kft of more than 10 years has been fair in terms of trade, service and finance. The communication is always faultless, reliable and well-functioning.

    István Kiss, owner/Chief Executive Officer- Ju-Pis Papír Bt.
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