About us

In the industrial sector, the speed, cost and security of logistics are understandably key. All three of these factors are hugely influenced by packaging, the key enabler of product transportability. The ideal industrial packaging combines optimal space utilisation with adequate protection. In this way, products can not only be transported safely, but also cost-effectively. This requires experienced engineering and precision.


  • We work as a team, respect each other and believe in the power of diversity.
  • Integrity: we do what is right.
  • Reliability means to us that we keep our word. We say what we do and we do what we say.
  • Sustainability for us means taking responsibility for ourselves and our environment, today and tomorrow.


What we stand for

At SPED-PACK, we believe that perfect transportability is based on careful planning. In our work, we work mainly with Japanese customers, in addition to European clients. Over the past decades, we have learned a lot about the Japanese way of thinking and working ethics. Our company culture has evolved into one where it is natural to combine European ingenuity with Japanese perfectionism. We pay attention to the smallest detail and optimise processes to the extreme. But we also take a pragmatic approach to unexpected challenges and are brave enough to come up with new, innovative solutions.

Hungarian creativity
Japanese perfectionism


Imre Márczi
managing director

László Kőhalmi
chief executive officer/ head of the packaging branch

How do we do it?

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