Machine packaging suitable for sea transport

We often take our packaging out to the sea. The goods to be transported in this case require very special preparation and protection. They have to withstand extreme weather, usually long journeys, and even multiple transhipments.

Equipped with special protection

All our packaging for sea transport is a custom-designed solution, as it has to withstand a number of specific factors. Packages transported in this way are exposed to natural phenomena such as salt water, strong humidity or high winds.

When we create packaging suitable for sea transport, we always use a reinforced structure, as these packages have to withstand multiple movements due to transhipments until they reach their destination. It is also essential to ensure protection against corrosion. In such cases, the goods are wrapped in a special, specially developed co-moulded film, from which the air is sucked out, and the package is also fitted with cushioning material. For metal parts, it is possible to wrap in a film that carries an anti-corrosive substance on its surface or in its material, providing extra protection against corrosion. Airtight packaging can be used not only for metals, but also for any equipment that may be damaged by salt sea air, humidity or water that may enter the package (e.g. electronic equipment).

Usually, sea transport is not short. So we have to design our packaging to withstand a journey of thousands of kilometres and reach any destination in the world.

We have also packed a 50 tonne press and a Heller cooling tower. And in our biggest project, we moved an entire factory and made 300 containers of its components suitable for sea transport.


what we are proud of

  • 210 million 210 million

    boxes of packaging made to countries around the world

  • 18 million 18 million

    We have packaged auto-parts enough for 18 million vehicles

  • 16 tonnes 16 tonnes

    of packaging material handled daily

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