Series production preparation

We are well aware of the need for companies in series production to have packaging materials that can be assembled quickly to ensure smooth production. Our products are optimised to be easy to use, quick to assemble and label. In addition, we tailor the packaging to the specific production process to provide our partners with the most advantageous solution.

We would like to make the work of large companies easier

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s unacceptable for workers to have to fiddle around on the production line to assemble packaging and waste valuable time with unoptimised processes. We know that in mass production, everything is precisely calculated, where no small redundant movement can fit. We want to help manufacturing companies do what we do best – optimize packaging. We develop packaging forms that can be assembled in a snap during series production.

We also take on special requests

For our automotive partners, for example, we deliver packaging material in steel containers, so that they can store it in the easiest possible way until use. Our customers in the furniture industry require several different packaging materials on one pallet, so that they can keep only one pallet at the end of their production line. For those who don’t want to bother with tape, we recommend the self-closing version, which makes assembly even easier. We can help you optimise the packaging process even if we didn’t design the packaging material itself.

what we are proud of

  • 210 million 210 million

    boxes of packaging made to countries around the world

  • 18 million 18 million

    We have packaged auto-parts enough for 18 million vehicles

  • 16 tonnes 16 tonnes

    of packaging material handled daily

Are you interested

in our services?

Our special

  • Customized wooden, metal, plastic transport packaging

    We always choose the best solution for the job. The perfect packaging will not only make your delivery faster and safer but also more cost-effective. We like to play safe, so we usually provide a free sample as well.

  • Machine packaging suitable for sea transport

    We often take our packaging out to the sea. The goods to be transported in this case require very special preparation and protection. They have to withstand extreme weather, usually long journeys, and even multiple transhipments.

  • Corrugated cardboard protective packaging

    Where appearance is not important, but only product protection, transportability and financial efficiency are the goals, corrugated cardboard is our secret weapon. We have had to protect a wide range of products, from beer cans to complete car parts.

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