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  • Packaging design

    No two products are the same, so no two packages are the same. When designing packaging, we always strive to create the most optimal protective cover, tailored to the specific characteristics of the product. It's no problem if you don't have a finished packaging design. We can even create the right packaging based on a sample product.

  • On-site packaging

    On-site packaging is used when the task involves large, heavy objects that cannot be broken down into further elements and are difficult to move. On-site packaging is an extremely complex part of our job, which requires particular organisation and attention on our part. We entrust this type of order to our most qualified professionals, as we know that unexpected situations can arise during on-site packaging.

  • Series production preparation

    We are well aware of the need for companies in series production to have packaging materials that can be assembled quickly to ensure smooth production. Our products are optimised to be easy to use, quick to assemble and label. In addition, we tailor the packaging to the specific production process to provide our partners with the most advantageous solution.

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