Corrugated cardboard protective packaging

Where appearance is not important, but only product protection, transportability and financial efficiency are the goals, corrugated cardboard is our secret weapon. We have had to protect a wide range of products, from beer cans to complete car parts.

Corrugated protective packaging is typically required in large volumes by companies. We have adapted our capacity accordingly and now process 300,000 square metres of corrugated paper per month. At our Esztergom plant, we use this paper raw material to make boxes and protective packaging. Between 85 and 90 percent of this is used to transport automotive parts.

Extra protection for the contents of the box

Our aim is to design and manufacture boxes that are excellent for product protection, but also cost-effective and easy to transport. Not only do we protect products from external factors, but we also strive to provide the same level of internal protection. For example, we use a variety of space and compartment fillers, be it extra foam inserts, dividers or compartments, to create a fall protection system.

We also provide packaging for hazardous goods

We also have the technology and expertise to design packaging for hazardous goods. The packaging of products in this category is, by its nature, subject to authorisation. Before being placed on the market, the packaging must always be tested to ensure that it complies with the regulations and is sufficiently safe. In the course of our work, we have also produced packaging for a belt tensioner cartridge for the automotive industry, which also falls under the category of hazardous products.


what we are proud of

  • 210 million 210 million

    boxes of packaging made to countries around the world

  • 18 million 18 million

    We have packaged auto-parts enough for 18 million vehicles

  • 16 tonnes 16 tonnes

    of packaging material handled daily

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