Wooden products

Our wooden products are both protective packaging and a creator of easy transport. For example, wooden crates provide a sturdy frame for the goods to be transported, and pallets are practically made for this purpose. Whether it’s a one-way pallet, designed for a single logistical round, or a heavy-duty EUR design. Overall, wooden packaging offers stronger protection than paper-based packaging, allowing heavier goods to be moved without the weather interfering.

If you have to transport a heavy piece of machinery with heavy parts, you would normally consider wood-based packaging. We like to work with wood because it is strong and sturdy enough to withstand repeated lifting and stacking. It is also a great material to shape to meet specific needs.

These packages require extra care because they typically contain unique parts, expensive and heavy machinery, often in extreme conditions. Most of our packaging is done off-site, but we have also had occasions where products have arrived at our premises awaiting packaging.

What kind of packaging do we make from wood?


Pallets are the alpha and omega of goods transport. It is the perfect solution if you want to transport a large component or machine, because it provides a secure base for lifting and moving.

One way pallet

One-way pallets have the peculiarity that they are designed for exactly one logistical round. This does not mean that they are single-use. They can perfectly withstand loading and unloading, further repackaging, i.e. transport and storage. However, they are not expected to withstand multiple runs, multiple shipments. It is a cheaper solution designed for short-term use.

Multiway pallet

If you want to use one or more pallets for a long period of time, a multiway pallet is definitely the right choice. Known as EUR, the transport device is strong precisely because it can withstand training and does not give in during continuous loading, transport and moving. It is more expensive than the one-way design, but it is durable and can be used repeatedly.

Wooden crates

As packaging, wooden crates are typically used as load-bearing devices. They prevent products from being compressed, and can also be packed box on box, making optimum use of the space available for transport.

At the same time, there is also a need to prevent products from crashing or clashing during transport. In such cases, stiffeners or space fillers must be added to the packaging to ensure complete protection. In this case, it is more appropriate to talk about wooden boxes closed on all sides rather than wooden crates.

If the job requires a lot of pallets, then transportability becomes a cardinal issue. In such cases, we need to know how to transport them and how much space is available. Optimum space utilisation is taken into account at the planning stage, so that not only the goods can fit in the packaging, but also the packaging can fit on the truck or in the container.

We know that our work does not end with the packaging. Once all the packages are ready for delivery, the next step is loading. We are usually involved in this phase too, using our own machines and our expertise to do the loading.

We typically pack machinery, piping, distribution boxes, heavy items and other items that require a lot of space in wooden crates, but we have also had to pack entire cars in protective packaging.



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